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Australia driving licence. How to Get a Driver Licence in Australia without exam

If you’re visiting Australia from overseas and want to get australia driving licence  while you’re here, or get  you can apply for an Australian driver licence by passing the practical driving test and the theory test, both of which are administered by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Keep in mind that getting your license requires quite a bit of hard work and dedication, so if you don’t have your own car back home, it may be easier to rent or borrow one while you’re here. fake id

driver licence Australia
Getting an Australian driver licence requires taking and passing both a written test and driving test. The process is long and will delay your time so we are here to help you get Australian driving licence online. To get your driver licence you’ll need to go into one of their designated offices and take tests or have someone else with a valid Australian licence vouch for you. If you haven’t lived in Australia before, they will also want you to prove that you can communicate effectively in English. With us you will be able to get the licence in 7 days and which will save your time. Driving licence western australia

Theory test Australia
We can actually help you get the driver licence without exam in Australia and in no time you will get the licence with valid certificates all registered.
If you want to follow the normal process, to obtain your driving licence in Australia you need to complete the following steps: Complete the test log book (you can only do 50 hours of driving once you’ve passed the theory test and received your learner licence). Take the written test. Pass the practical driving test. We provide valid UK licence.  Your learner driver licence is valid for two years. To keep it valid, you must do at least 120 hours of supervised driving including 20 hours on night time roads, with an approved supervisor before taking your practical driving test. ALL this is long and time consuming when we can help you et the licence in no time frame. fake driving license

practical test/ get licence without any practical test
Before booking a practical test you need to have completed a driving course, have an understanding of safe driving practices and be able to do 100km/h for at least 2 minutes. If you’re under 25 you’ll also need your Ls or Ps provisional licence and held it for a minimum of 1 year. Practical driving tests are conducted by driving examiners who give instructions on how to perform various manoeuvres such as reversing into parking spaces, parallel parking, u-turns and so on. we provide Italian licence too. Practical tests are not easy; if you pass you will receive a restricted driver licence which will allow you to drive unsupervised but only during daylight hours (usually between 6am and 6pm). You must display ‘L’ plates on your vehicle while driving with a restricted driver licence. With us, you will not have to waste time going through all this process as we are here to help you get the licence without any test. We have helped over a hundred people get this Australian driver licence. fuhrerschein kaufen fur 500 euro

what do you need to get Australian licence
First, you need to get an Australian driver licence. The requirements for getting your first driver licence will vary from state to state, so it’s best to check with your local Roads and Maritime Services office for more information. It is recommended that you bring proof of identity (passport or birth certificate), proof of residence (utility bill) and proof of address (utility bill) along with you when you visit Roads and Maritime Services. fuhrerschein-kaufen-fur-500-euro/

Is the Australian licence original

Take the practical test. contact us for more information