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We are the leading producers of NZ drivers licence. The licence we provide are real and registered on the data base and a result, you will have  no problem with the police or any other authority. You will be able to check your license on AA or NZTA after a period of 5 days or 7 days maximum. Buy new zealand driver licence, With the license we provide, you will be able to get Insurance, bank account, rent a car and any other thing you could get with a license. The licence we provide are from the New Zealand Transport Agency which means that there are the same licensce you w ill get if you go for the test. It should be noted that, the we work in collaboration with driving test centers across New Zealand. fake driving license

How To GET New Zealand Driver Licence Without Taking The Test

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 client must provide the basic requirements needed for the licence. This requirements include but not limited to, home address, passport size photo, signature on a whit sheet of paper  and a passport or id card in case the client does not have a learners driver licence. If the client is in possession of a valid Lerner’s licence and wants to update to a full driver licence, the client will not have to provide the id card or passport. falschgeld kaufen

It should be noted that this information will be that which will be on the licence so clients should provide real data to avoid any form of confusion or mistake.

Clients who are in possession of a learner’s license and want a restricted licence will provide their learners license as source of data. If the home address on the learners licence is different from the current home address the client will have to provide a backing document showing the current home address. Such document could either be a bank stamen  not more than 3 months or a utility bill not more than 3 months.

Clients who are in possession of a restricted license and want to update to a full licence, will provide the resticted licence as as souce of data to be used on the current license. If the home address on the restricted license has changed eg. the client has transferred from his/her home, the client will be required to provide a prove of current address which could be a utility bill not more than 3 months or a bank statement not more than 3 moths. To buy New Zealand driver license contact  and you will smile. Driver Licence NZ Test

Clients could change their International license for New zealand license

It should be noted that, all license we provide are of equal quality as that which you will get if you sit for the test.

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Getting your driver licence is easy if you have a car. You can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles website and find out all about their requirements for getting a New Zealand driver licence. Even though we will get you the licence without any tets.

It won’t take more than 15 minutes because the information is already on their website.

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In order to drive a car in New Zealand, you need a valid driver licence.

You’ll need to pass a test and get the appropriate endorsements before you can be fully licensed. we will get you the licence with the test certificates.

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New Zealanders are required by law to carry a NZ driving licence. A driving licence is your passport for the road – but there’s a few things you should know about getting one first!

There are three types of licences available: learner, restricted, full. You can also apply for provisional licences for those aged between 16-18 years old. Provisional licences don’t give you the same privileges as full licences however, so if you want to get out on the open road soon then it’s worth getting a full licence as soon as possible.

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With the current system, a person’s licence expires after 3 years.

With a new system, a person’s licence will expire on their birthday!

With this new system, people will be able to drive for as long as they want!

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NZ Driving Licence.

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We know driving can be a difficult skill to master, especially when we’re distracted by other tasks.

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Driving a car is one of the most common life skills.

It is also one of the most misunderstood, which is why we created this quiz to see if you have the key know-hows needed to get a driver’s licence in New Zealand.

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