driver licence test

driver licence test

Are you wonderin on how to pass driver licence test in the NZ for your licence? we are here to help you get a valid NZ licence without any test okay.

Are you an immigrant who wants to change your foreign licence to a New Zealand licence?

Are you an immigrant who needs a New zealand learner’s licence? 

Who ever you are and what ever New Zealand licence you need we are here to help you get it. just contact us and have a detail information of what you will need to do.

Can I use my driving licence in New Zealand? 

As a visitor in New Zealand, you can drive for up to 12 months from your arrival date with an overseas driving licence if you meet these criteria.

  • your overseas licence or driver permit is current and valid, and
  • you haven’t been given a disqualification or suspension in New Zealand, and
  • you arrived in New Zealand less than 12 months ago, and
  • your overseas driving licence is in English, or you have an accurate translation (like an International driving licence), and
  • you haven’t been granted a New Zealand driver licence since you last entered New Zealand.

The above are some of the criterial you need to meet in other to drive in New Zealand. If you fail to meet all or part of the reasons, we will be able to help you get the licence regardles of your status. 

We have been helping foreiners and touirist get valid licence over the past years and they always come back with positive feed backs you are about to be the next to enjoy from this awesome service. 

Clients should not be afraid  to  contact us for the licence beacuse our prices are cheap and affordable, payable in installments and if a client cant pay the first installment due to what ever reason, we can provide the valid licence till he or she provides the licence. The registere nz licebse we provide are NZTA approved


New Zealanders are required by law to carry a NZ driving licence. A driving licence is your passport for the road – but there’s a few things you should know about getting one first!

There are three types of licences available: learner, restricted, full. You can also apply for provisional licences for t hose aged between 16-18 years old. Provisional licences don’t give you the same privileges as full licences however, so if you want to get out on the open road soon then it’s worth getting a full licence as soon as possible.

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New Zealand Driving Licence.

Buy your New Zealand driving licence today and take that crucial first step towards a better life in New Zealand.

Life is tough without a licence. It’s hard to work, harder to find a good job, and nearly impossible to get one of those high paying jobs in the city. Without a licence, life will be tough for you here in NZ. But with one…you could be anything you want to be! If you’re considering moving to New Zealand, this is your opportunity to start from scratch. So buy your licence now!